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PSI has been producing satisfied customers since 1983!

These are their real testimonials to the quality in engineering, construction and service that PSI provides.

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Everything was awesome!! 

Professional & responsive; excellent building project!!

Leo C. – Dubuque, IA

“This was Pipestone’s largest project to date. PSI was very thorough in every aspect of the project from bidding, design through construction. Teaming with PSI, we feel this barn is an industry leader.”

Dr. Kerkaert, Vice President, Pipestone Systems

“They were knowledgeable and professional. GREAT experience!! On a scale of 1 – 10 your guys are a solid 11.”

Jon B. – Wellman, IA

“The Dylbrook project (9,100 sows, Canistota, SD) was delivered on time. Pipestone actually took over and populated a couple barns early. When the project was turned over, there were minimal items remaining on the punchlist. These items were very manageable and addressed in a timely manner.”

Tad W. – Construction Oversight, Pipestone Systems

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PSI’s construction was fast and efficient!  Everything on the sales side was transparent, explained well, and there were no surprises.  The fire-up and service crew is 2nd to none!  You always know you can call the service department and the issue will be handled quickly!

Mark G. – Fairfield, IA

Award-Winning Delta Facility

“Thorough and competitive.  Top quality project delivered on time.  Change orders were at a minimum for a project this size.”

Rick G. – Project Manager, Pipestone Systems

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Bruce G. – Brighton, IA

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“The project planning went well as they listened to our wants and needs.”

Bruce R. – VP of Nutrition and Product Development, Kent Corporation

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“Crews were all very professional and great at what they do.”

Gary B. – Illinois City, IL

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“Very timely from start to finish.”

Mark L. – Washington, IA

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“I liked the attention to detail, availability to answer questions, and salesman follow through.”

Adam M. – Wilton, IA

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“PSI had Good Communication”

Brian M. – Riverside, IA

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“The staff was knowledgeable with much expertise.”

Tanner K. – Washington, IA

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“PSI has a good management structure.”

Frank H. – Gilson, IL

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Thank you to all.  I truly feel that no one in the industry could have done this rebuild with the time restraints, weather conditions, and with the upmost professionalism like PSI did.  Well done.

Jim C. – Brighton, IA

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